Public Law

Crisis, solidarity, territory, Europe, competition, sustainable development, ageing, evaluation, performance, strategy, promotion, common good, efficiency.

The environment into which public action is led is changing nowadays. The citizen, as a user, is more and more demanding; breathing spaces are shrinking and rules are constantly denser and more complex. To answer this renewed social demand public leaders have to be managers of the public interest and care about efficiency, performance and result.

The rules are therefore paramount in this new world. They are legal, technical, financial, and managerial. They apply to the organisation and the functioning of the community as well as to the way resources must be managed: skills, finances, information.

Knowing the rules and the ways to read and interpret them is essential in order to use them efficiently and serve both decision and action.

Bismuth Associés ensures an assistance made of listening and knowing your worries and help you use the rules to serve your goals and guaranty the legal strength of your future decisions.