Nowadays, a contract is a legal security tool for relations between partners or between customers and providers, which dimension is defined by its benefits as well as responsibilities, but also by case follow-up. Bismuth Associés has acquired a strong competence in writing, negotiating and following-up contracts which are technology-related. Thus the firm is able to assist their clients regarding the elaboration of a global contractual scheme or the negotiation and/or writing of related contractual acts.
Contractual relation follow-up is more and more critical today, especially concerning major scale projects, which is why the Bismuth law firm has developed a methodology to ensure the legal safekeeping of contracts.

The firm was entrusted with the following missions :
- legal assistance in project building of a banking platform
- contract development, writing and negotiation for a banking platform
-outsourcing contracts writing and negotiation and third party maintenance of global information systems
- development of software packages licence terms (ERP)
- integration contracts writing
- writing licence contracts of intellectual property rights
- writing charters of partnership
- writing non-disclosure agreements and letters of intent
- negotiating international contracts of outsourcing in computer accounting
- legal auditing of software packages publishers and internet providers
- writing calls for tender regarding the creation of specific softwares and applicable third-party maintenance
- writing and negotiating distribution contracts of computer hardware