Founded by Yves BISMUTH, BISMUTH Law Firm is a partnership of lawyers based in Lyon, whose 35 year-experience is aimed towards French and European companies.

The firm has offices in Paris as well.

BISMUTH Law Firm has been ISO 9001 certified (version 2008) since March 22, 2001.

The firm’s primary aim, being one of the first law firms to receive a Quality Certification, was to ensure never-ending client satisfaction. Through their working methods, the firm was able to provide their clients with a high level of competence, reliable case management and swift reaction to urgent situations.

For its first participation in 2011, Bismuth Law Firm was rewarded by a silver Trophy in the category “ entrepreneurial firm Trophy, national level ”

What are the main features of BISMUTH Law Firm ?

The firm’s human size and organisation ensure its involvement with clients. Our litigation department and strong advice allow our lawyers to work on complex cases with strategy, yet showing imagination and creativity.
Our specialized lawyers, speaking foreign languages, show complimentarity in their competences and various experiences, which guaranties high-quality service whether on a national, european or international level.

Although it is strongly specialized in some areas (intellectual property, new technology laws, health laws, sport laws) the firm keeps in touch with the current state of legal and general regulatory actions, thus preserving a genuine adaptability in order to better advise and plead for their clients.

Moreover, our lawyers who work actively and willingly in their designated areas – a necessary condition for excellency – do not hesitate to use competence partnerships, in order to satisfy their clients, especially in social law, mergers and acquisitions, and business taxation.

Our lawyers take great care above all when doing their job, in an independent way and in respect with their working ethics, in order to defend in court and ensure the respect of individual rights.

BISMUTH Law Firm acts in :